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Actors: 4 Ways to Prepare For a Headshot Session!

Actors: 4 Ways to Prepare For a Headshot Session!

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Deneika Hamilton- Imperium Management

Deneika Hamilton of “Imperium Management”

So you’ve decided on your headshot photographer and ¬†booked your headshot session but now what? How do you prepare for your session?

1.) Decide on clothing: It is best to bring a wide variety of tops with various colours and cuts so that together you and your photographer can decide what suits the session best. I recommend bringing a standard black top for the classic type headshot. It suits a variety of looks and can come across as refined, edgy or elegant. I also recommend bring a grey or neutral coloured top for a bit of variety without drawing attention away from your face. I love when actors bring in a few wild card tops in bright solid colours, different necklines or subtle patterns to add a bit of fun to one headshot. It helps bring out a little of your personality without detracting from your face.

2.) Get some sleep: Make sure you are well rested and hydrated!

3.) Think about your goals for the session: While I always ensure I get a wide variety of shots during our session, it is great when actors come in knowing what they want. It is great to know your vision for the session so we can work together to achieve that!

4.) Practice your expressions: As silly as it sounds, many models practice in front of the mirror to see what works best and looks the most natural. It helps you become comfortable with your face and can aid in achieving a number of great looks for our session!

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