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Actors and Actresses: How Should I Wear My Hair for My Headshot Session?

Actors and Actresses: How Should I Wear My Hair for My Headshot Session?

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Bronte Norman-Terrell of Waring & McKenna
Bronte Norman-Terrell of Waring & McKenna
Your hairstyle is very important to headshots because it can easily make them appear outdated in a matter of months. Hair needs to be as classic and trend-free as possible. Bright colours, bleached blonde hair, overly tweezed/pencilled eyebrows and heavily stylized hair quickly outdate shots and limit your casting range.

Actresses: What do I do with my hair for a headshot session?
For actresses, styling your hair for headshots can help create a variety of looks for your headshots. However, you want to be yourself and keep your normal hairstyle. If you have straight hair, it doesn’t make sense to spend hours curling your hair for your headshots! Wear your hair as it will appear when you show up for a casting.

With actresses, I always try to get a few different looks in our session by styling hair in a few different ways. At the beginning of the session we keep your hair as it normally is, then later we tousle it for an edgier look. Also, having a few shots with your hair up also creates a different look that helps draw attention to your face and eyes.

Actors: Should I get my hair cut before my headshots? Should I have facial hair?

Actors often ask me if they should keep their facial hair for their headshots so they look “edgy” or “character”. The best answer I can give is to keep what you have most often. If you are often clean shaven and will show up for a casting without your beard or moustache that is in your headshots, it probably isn’t a great idea to have a beard in your headshots.

Casting directors don’t want to be surprised by someone that doesn’t look like their headshots. If you decide on a certain hairstyle or facial hair, you need to stick with it until you get new headshots done. Therefore, constantly changing facial hair is out. For your headshots, always look as you do normally and try to appear as classic as possible.

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